Thursday, February 9, 2017

Drama in a Small Town: WHY I WRITE.

Drama in a Small Town: WHY I WRITE.: Recently, I spoke to a group of readers and was asked, "Why do you write?" I had to think about it before I answered. I seem to...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Recently, I spoke to a group of readers and was asked, "Why do you write?"
I had to think about it before I answered. I seem to have to write. Stories whiz through my brain and I must put it down on paper.
Another question: "Where do you get your ideas?" 
When I wrote BROKEN PROMISES, I read a newspaper article about an older woman being bilked by her much younger fiance. I asked myself, what if this was a younger woman who had her hopes and dreams shattered by a boyfriend who emptied their joint bank account and absconded with the funds. What if she also lost her job due to downsizing and found herself near becoming homeless? Would she sit back and moan and groan or would she take action to find the thief. How would she go about finding him? Who would help her? I immediately had a story line and couldn't wait to include twists and turns in the plot.
I like to write stories about women who find their strength after being in a unusual situation. MISPLACED tells the story of a young woman who has everything going for her until she walks in on her parents murder. The assassin, a mobster, also shoots her and leaves her for dead. Once she recovers, she is placed in the Witness Protection Program and is constantly looking over her shoulder. Who will save her?
How do you come up with a title?
This is a difficult one. Sometimes I make lists of titles and brainstorm with my critique group. MISPLACED was originally titled Shattered Life. I didn't have problems with BROKEN PROMISES, because that was exactly the essence of the book. THE HIDDEN JOURNAL is a book about my heroine discovering a journal written by the small town's country Doctor that cited all the secrets families kept hid for years. OLIVIA, and VICTORIA, was part of the WOMEN OF REXFORD series. Looking back, I might have added something to their names. DON'T DANCE ON MY HEART, came from a statement in the book.
Do I plot my story in advance?
Somewhat. I have an idea, decide on the location, develop a confrontation, and then let the story tell itself. I'm not always sure on the exact ending, but because I write Romance, I always write a happy or satisfactory ending. 
Where and how do you write?
I have an office with two computers, a TV, and a stereo. I like noise in the background. When I'm in the midst of writing, I turn on Country Music. I keep notes on each chapter so I can revisit if I have a time-line problem.
What is the hardest part of writing a book?
Editing. When I first began to write, I told everything about everyone. I found myself writing 150,00 words, and half of them didn't push the story forward. A dear friend pointed that out to me when he told me I wrote three stories in one book. Since then, I've tried to keep to a few points of view, and center the story around the hero and heroine. It's difficult.
Where can we find your books?
My favorite question. All of my books are listed on  You can read two chapters of each book and order them on line. All but DON'T DANCE ON MY HEART are available as an ebook. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Drama in a Small Town: MY INTERVIEW WITH SCOT MULLINS: Hi! I’m  Joyce Brennan . I write Romantic Suspense, Romance, and Cozy Mysteries. My ebooks,  THE HIDDEN JOURNAL ,  MISPLACED ,  OLIVIA ,...

Monday, January 16, 2017


Hi! I’m Joyce Brennan. I write Romantic Suspense, Romance, and Cozy Mysteries.

I’m originally from a small town, but during my marriage, we have moved eight times. Each location provided information to enhance my writing.  

When and why did you start writing?

I began writing skits in grade school and years later, I became the Editor of a business newsletter. Because my husband’s transfers, I concentrated on raising our children and volunteering at the different locations where we lived. After retirement, I began to write full-time.

What inspires your writing?

I get many ideas from the newspaper and the media. Fact is stranger than fiction and the local paper is full of unusual plots. I ask, “What if my characters were involved in these situations? How would they react?” 

How would you define creativity?

Creativity is turning these stories into fiction.

Do you have any writing rituals to get you in the mood for writing?

I love to listen to Country music when I write. I like to hear the beat in the background. I also dictate the first drafts on Dragon. It makes it easier to put everything I want the reader to know about my characters on paper, then I edit, edit, edit.

If you could, what would you go back and tell yourself as a writer starting out?

As I look back, I wish I would have kept journals about some of the events in my life, especially my volunteering experiences. I recommend new writers take up that habit.

What do you believe make for great writing?

I write stories for the reader’s pleasure. I stay away from politics, religion, and explicit sex. I want my readers to have an ahhh moment when they finish the book.

Which writers have influenced your writing?

I am a fan of Debbie Macomber, and the late Maeve Binchy. I love the way they bring minor characters into the story, while still focusing on the main characters. I admire the way they dribble in descriptions and back-story throughout their books.

How do you measure success as a writer?

I measure success when a reader tells me they really enjoyed my book, or that they couldn’t put it down. I’m excited when someone takes the time to write a review.

Have you ever hated something you wrote?

For years, I belonged to a writers group and wrote a short story every other week. As I go back and read them, some were really good, but a few were so bad that I can’t believe I wrote them. Writing short stories is a good exercise for writers. It keeps you sharp.

What’s your biggest fear as a writer?

Missing typos is a fear I harbor. You can read a manuscript many times and still something might slip by you or your editor.

What traits do you feel make a great writer?

My imagination is my best asset as a writer. I keep a recorder beside my bed for plot ideas that pop into my head in the middle of the night.

Describe your latest book to our readers

The book I’m promoting is: MISPLACED. It has romance, suspense, disappointment, and of course, a happy ending. All of the events take place in a small town. I’ve added many twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages. I loved writing this book.
‘Gilda Scarlotta is a sophisticated young woman who has been provided with the best life has to offer. She has no idea her parents are involved in money laundering for the mob. When she comes home from college for a surprise visit, she walks in on their murders. She is shot and left for dead, but she recognizes the assassin. The story revolves around Gilda’s new life after she is placed in the witness protection program. She must change her name, leave everything behind, and start a new existence as a small-town teacher. Will she find love? Will she ever be safe?’

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?

I hope readers notice how my characters change. I want them to place themselves in the main characters mind and the setting.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

My tips for young writers are: Write, write, write. Do a character interview so you know exactly how you character acts, thinks, and what they like or dislike. The smallest trait may change the theme of your book. Use strong verbs and lose the adjectives. No head-hopping and write deep point of view.

Can you give our audience a writing prompt to help get them writing?

My favorite writing prompt is to take any topic; decide on a location, and a plot. What will your character do in the situation? What keeps him/her from reaching their goal? Who or what is standing in the way? How will they prevail? It works with any genre. Minor characters play a role, but don’t allow them to take over the story. Don’t tell your character’s life story in the first chapter. Slowly drop hints throughout the book. Most of all, don’t be discouraged.  Join critique and writing groups.

What’s next for you?

OLIVIA, and VICTORIA, are stand-alone books, but also part of The Women of Rexford series. I’ve written the next two books and plotted out the fifth.
Your readers can reach me through my blog. and my author page  where I’m always available to answer questions about writing.  I’m on @brennanwrites, and excerpts of my books are available at I also belong to three writing groups.
I hope to cross blog with other authors.

Monday, December 19, 2016

I wrote a quick blurb on my latest books along with the amazon addresses.  Ebooks are great and less expensive than a good cup of coffee. You can download them quickly from to your Kindle or Nook. If the addresses don't work for you, go to amazon and type in Books by Joyce Brennan. Happy reading.

Victoria goes from a spoiled Judge's daughter to becoming an orphan with no funds. Her life changes further when she attempts to help a friend and ends up mixed up with an underground drug gang.

The Hidden Journal Jenna (The Hidden Journal) jumpd from one bad situation to another when she discovers a journal written by a country doctor.…

MISPLACED  Gilda walks in on a murder and is misplaced in the witness protection system. Will she ever be safe?...

Olivia relocates from New York to become Editor of a newspaper. She falls in love with a local Doctor but her world shatters when a Judge attempts to blackmail her. Will her love survive?

THE HIDDEN JOURNAL, MISPLACED, OLIVIA, and VICTORIA by Joyce Brennan on Romantic suspense set in small towns. 

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Drama in a Small Town: MISPLACED

Drama in a Small Town: MISPLACED: #Romantic suspense. #Tirgearr Publishing.  #Small town romance . Gilda Scarlotta believes she has nothing in common with residents...


#Romantic suspense. #Tirgearr Publishing.  #Small town romance
Gilda Scarlotta believes she has nothing in common with residents of a small Ohio town when WITSEC misplaces her. Nothing, that is until she meets the handsome Chief of Police who is in charge of protecting her from the mafia hit-men.
MISPLACED, is a fast paced novel with many twists and turns,

For more information on my books, visit my Blog. or my fan page.