Friday, January 24, 2014


The Hidden Journal, is my latest ebook available on Amazon or from the Tirgearr Publishing web site.

I had fun writing this novel because I lived in the area for many years. The novel takes place in Crestridge, Kentucky, a fictional community located near Louisville. My character, Jenna Mitchell, is a widow, still haunted by her abusive marriage and carrying the guilt that she might have caused the accident that killed her husband.

Jenna designs greeting cards, advertising logos, etc., she works out of her home. On a whim, she chooses to leave Chicago and the bad memories and purchase an old stone cottage in Crestridge.
Follow her misadventures as she tries to make it on her own in a closed community where gossip and rumors are the norm and everyone knows everyone else's business, or at least they think they do. Enjoy reading about Stella, vixen you love to hate, and Jenna's neighbors, seven year old Molly and her grandmother. Will Jenna and the handsome, Drew Kelsey have a relationship?

You can read the first chapter both on Amazon and on Tirgearr Publishing's site.
I know you'll enjoy the trip back to the hills of Kentucky..

THE HIDDEN JOURNAL, by Joyce Brennan

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