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Drama in a Small Town: FALSE ARREST

Drama in a Small Town: FALSE ARREST: FALSE ARREST                                                              J. Brennan “Police, open the door.” The pounding and shouts...


FALSE ARREST                                                              J. Brennan

“Police, open the door.”
The pounding and shouts roused Ben out of a deep sleep. He sat up in bed, sure he was dreaming when a loud crack splintered the door of his studio apartment. Officers dressed in swat-team uniforms flooded the room. Arms yanked him to his feet.
“Wait a minute. Stop. What’s going on?” Ben’s protest was met with an arm to the throat as he was wrestled to the floor. He felt a knee to the back of his neck as metal cuffs pinched on his wrists.
“Would someone please tell me…”
“You have the right to remain silent.” The officer continued reading Ben his rights before they hauled him to his feet.
“At least, give me my pants and shoes…wallet.”
Someone swore and tossed a pair of jeans in his direction. A grim officer helped him dress and allowed him to slip his bare feet into his shoes, while others rummaged through his dresser.
“Found it.” An officer held up a package. No one else spoke as two strong men hauled him downstairs and into a squad car.
Ben’s questions remained unanswered as they sped to the police station. He didn’t bother to protest when the officers led him into a small room furnished with two chairs and a table. He realized a video camera captured his every move so he sat quietly, careful not to show any emotion.
After twenty minutes, Detective Grissom entered the room and slapped a folder on the table. He scrapped out the chair sat across from Ben, taking his time shuffling the papers in front of him.
“Drug possession with the intent to sell,” he growled.
Ben started to speak but realized the situation was hopeless. He wasn’t involved in drugs. Didn’t have drugs in his apartment. That didn’t mean they weren’t placed there by rogue cops. He listened while Grissom read off the charges.
“You’re in serious trouble, young man.”
Ben stayed silent and stared at the detective.
Grissom’s voice rose to a higher level. He stood and began to pace the room. “What do you have to say for yourself?”
Ben clamped his lips.
Grissom stood between Ben and the camera and slapped the open folder before him. “If you don’t plan to talk to me, I’ll have no option but to book you. Understand?”
Ben noticed the detective edged the folder in his direction. He glanced down and squashed a smile when he read the note. We got them, Ben. I’m placing you in protective custody until it’s time to testify.

Undercover agent, Ben Marks nodded. Instead of a cell, another undercover agent rushed him off to a motel room. It was much better than the grimy apartment he rented to take part in the sting. 

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Drama in a Small Town: Victoria’sdetermination and good looks got her a...

Drama in a Small Town:

Victoria’sdetermination and good looks got her a...
: Victoria’s determination and good looks got her a job. Her attempt to intervene when one of her co-workers became addicted to drugs tu...

Victoria’s determination and good looks got her a job. Her attempt to intervene when one of her co-workers became addicted to drugs turned into a disaster. During a crisis, will the handsome undercover narcotic agent, Sean Casey, arrive in time to rescue her?

VICTORIA, by Joyce Brennan is available at:

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“We’re not buying a dog,” my husband insisted. “We’re just looking.”

“Of course not,” I agreed. "Just looking."

The SPCA website showed a multitude of animals to rescue on my home computer and I wrote down the names of the ones I thought I’d like to see. Tom and I drove out to the Dewey Animal Shelter in Las Vegas to LOOK.

Unlike the old days when you could peruse all of the animals, the shelter now provided a video display of the dogs, cats, rabbits, and gerbils available for adoption.

From my original list, number one was gone. We were told numbers two and three had been abused and snapped at strangers. Number four had health problems. I took another look at the video and saw a dog they tagged as El Paso. (The shelter gives the dogs strange names.) El Paso was put on display that very day, so I asked to see him.

“Abused,” the attendant warned. “I’m not sure how he will react.” He brought the dog, attached to a lasso-type leash, and told me to sit on the bench and let him get used to me. Imagine my surprise when the six pound, long-haired Chihuahua leaped up onto my lap. He then hopped over to Tom and licked his cheek. We were smitten.

Tom took the leash and led the four-year old puppy out to their patio to see how he would behave. El Paso obeyed the Sit, Stay, Come commands. After filling in the paperwork, paying the adoption fee, and listened as the shelter attendant gave us instructions, we were the proud owners of the dog we renamed Pepe. I chose the name Pepe because Tom insisted on calling him Puppy.  Now (Pepe/Puppy) comes by either name.

Once home, we set up boundaries in order to begin the house-training process. After taking him for the initial walk, we watched and waited. Four hours later, the dog leaned against the door, and jumped up and down when we attached the leash.

“He’s housebroken!”

We are so fortunate that this little doggie found us. I highly recommend the SPCA if you’re looking to adopt a pet. There are so many abandoned animals out there, and we got the prize.