Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I love to write short stories, and try to create one every month. Once in a while, someone will mention that they want to read what happens next.
Years ago I wrote a story about four single women meeting every Wednesday night for dinner to discussing their work, their love life, and the challenges of meeting someone new in a small town.
My critique partner agreed it was good, but what happened? Did the women connect with a mate? Were their careers going nowhere? Where was the conflict,confrontation, and the happy ending?
 With that in mind, I created a fictional town named Rexford, Ohio. Then I separated the characters and wrote a novel on each woman.
Thus, the first of the series, which is also a stand alone story, I named OLIVIA.
I loved writing about this former New York advertising executive who returned to her home town to tend an ailing Aunt and to take over the family newspaper. 
Olivia faced challenges both from downsizing her life, and attempting to live in the confines of small town rumors and innuendos. 
Her honest, straight-forward editorials clash with a local judge who runs the town of Rexford. 
When Olivia falls in love with a local General Practitioner, who the Judge's daughter has claimed for her own, the walls come tumbling down.
I've created blackmail, attempted murder, and of course, romance in this Romantic Suspense Novel.
Watch for the twists and turns. I hope I've surprised the readers and Olivia will be the page-turner I hoped for.
OLIVIA, by Joyce Brennan is now available on, Smashwords and from my publisher, "Tirgearr Publishing"
Download it now and write a review.
Joyce Brennan  

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