Monday, June 20, 2016


I first wrote OLIVIA with the intention of one book only. The story in my mind started with an executive of a large advertising company refusing to promote her, choosing the men in the organization to move on. The Glass Ceiling.

Then I realized, because this a romance, what if Olivia finds her fiancĂ© with another woman? What if this woman is a tramp? That seemed much more exciting than Olivia's business problems.
Next, I thought, what if her fiancé is the son of the owner? What could Olivia do then?

I solved the problem by having Olivia move back to her small Ohio town to tend to the Aunt who raised her and then taking over the family Editor of THE REXFORD PRESS.

I loved setting up pitfalls for Olivia. Editorials that divided the town. An off and on relationship with the handsome Dr. Mitch James, and weekly dinners with her new friends. These friends set up a scenario for my next book, VICTORIA.

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