Saturday, July 2, 2016



During the month of July, Smashworks is placing all of my books at half-price. This includes, THE HIDDEN JOURNAL, MISPLACED, OLIVIA, and VICTORIA.
This is a terrific time to add my ebooks to your summer reading list.

THE HIDDEN JOURNAL takes place in the hills of Kentucky. Jenna Mitchell moves her at home business to Crestridge, Kentucky to get a new start in life. Little did she know the trauma she'd cause when she discovered a hidden journal. Will her new love with Drew Kesley withstand the gossip?

MISPLACED is a romantic suspense. It begins with Gilda Scarlotta walking in on a mob hit. She is left for dead, but survives and can identify the killer. Whisked off to a witness protection program, she leaves her push life behind and is placed in a small Ohio town to fend for herself. Will she ever be safe?

OLIVIA is a stand alone book, as well as the first of the REXFORD series. Olivia returns to her small town to take care of the Aunt who raised her. She takes over the family newspaper and her editorials shake up the community and her love affair with the handsome Dr. Mitch James. Read about the Judge's revenge and the havoc he causes.

VICTORIA is also a stand alone book as well as the second of the REXFORD series. Victoria is spoiled and enjoys the good life until her parents are deceased. Her life is in shambles. Once she gets back on her own, she becomes mixed up in an undercover drug sting. Is her new love really who she thinks he is, or is he one of the drug smugglers. 

All of my romantic suspense dramas take place in small towns. I grew up in some of these communities and know how rumors and innuendos spread like wildfire. I write about new relationships, families and how in the end, a happy ending. 

Enjoy my ebooks and please write a review on amazon and smashwords after you've read the books.

Click on   On the search box at the top, enter OLIVIA, VICTORIA, THE HIDDEN JOURNAL, and/or MISPLACED, by Joyce Brennan. Enter the code. SSW50 at check out to purchase my books @ half price.

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