Monday, April 4, 2011

Continuing Drama

     Today I made a presentation on, "Overwriting," and how to bring readers into your novel. New writers tend to want to tell their readers everything all at once. They want readers to view the scenes the way they picture it. That results in telling instead of showing. I gave my class a list of twelve telling statements and asked that they come up with examples of showing. After an animated session, they came up with many variations of my statements. I wish I would have taken notes. Concise writing, choosing every word, moves the story forward. Remember to intersperse you novel with short as well as long sentences.
     On another note, I attended a class on e-readers. I came home more confused that ever. It seems that every e-reader had good and bad features. The one I leaned toward wouldn't allow you to check out books from the library. Another product wasn't as clear to read. Some did everything but prepare your lunch....kidding. I have an e-book coming out by the end of summer and really wanted to purchase the most practical machine for my use. Any suggestions?
     My contract from Snowy Creek Publishing came in the mail today. I'm so excited. I'm writing a trilogy, working title, "The Women of Rexford."

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