Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Short Story DANCE

Short stories are fun to write. It's a challenge to complete one in under three-hundred and fifty words. Enjoy. 

DANCE       315                                                                                J. Brennan

Chet Mason took extra care shaving and changed his tie twice. Satisfied, he peered at his image in the mirror, sighed deeply.
“Marsha, there’s no point in dancing around this. I’ve found someone else and I’m leaving you.” He threw his suitcases on the bed. “I’m going to Chicago on a business trip. I’ll come for the rest of my things when I return Friday evening.
Marsha’s mouth flew open.
Chet held up his hand. “Let’s not have a nasty discussion about this. I’ve made up my mind.”
She stood back as Chet carefully folded and packed his clothes, grabbed his luggage, and went out the door. Shocked, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Then anger took over. She went to the kitchen, poured herself a good stiff drink, and then a second. “Chet, ole boy, you haven’t begun to dance.”
It was Tuesday morning. Marsha had four days to plan. First, she arranged to take the rest of the week off work and then phoned a divorce lawyer. She made calls to the utilities and newspaper to discontinue services Friday morning and finally contacted a realtor to find another place to live. On her way to get packing boxes, she withdrew all the money from their joint accounts and dropped Chet’s golf clubs, tools and stereo equipment at Super Pawn.
Wednesday, between packing, she went with a realtor to look at condos. She found one within walking distance of her work and arranged to rent it until the deal closed.
Thursday, the movers come to load and transport her belongings. Early Friday morning, she went back to the house to box up the rest of Chet’s things.
She marked all the boxes before she sealed them. Because it was summer, she carefully put a partially opened tin of sardines in the middle of each one marked winter clothes.
Let Chet dance until he found the source of the odor.

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