Thursday, October 29, 2015

OLIVIA, an eBook by Joyce Brennan

When Olivia relocates from New York to her former hometown, will she find love or will her decisions destroy a new relationship? Suspense, rumors and gossip make "OLIVIA," by Joyce Brennan an ebook page turner. Now available on for $4.99

"It wasn’t the two-step, but a slow dance. Mitch pulled her close, aware he had a captive audience and she’d have to listen.
“Olivia, I know it’s difficult to date a doctor, my life’s not my own. You need to know how attracted I am to you.
OLIVIA is the first of a series, but also written as a stand alone book. VICTORIA, the second of the series will be out in 2016 and I am presently editing JADE. 

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